Need a site?
We will create it for you
Free website development upon conditions of ordering its SEO promotion
Monthly fixed
SEO-promotion cost
within 1 year

Website development from scratch for your business


Monitoring and providing of the site availability 24/7!


The best possible SEO promotion of your site by highly skilled professionals


Free website hosting for the entire period of support


Free domain as a gift for you!*


Any improvements to the site throughout the program period**

*in zones .com, .net, .org,,,,
**within the approved Terms of Reference
Why is it profitable?
SITE for FREE program is beneficial in many ways:
You get the opportunity to launch your website and its promotion on the Internet quickly, with minimal start-up costs, and invest free funds in the development of your business.
From the first day a well-coordinated team of profeccioanls from different areas starts working on your site, but not just one freelancer.
You get the opportunity to plan and fix your budget for the year ahead, avoiding unforeseen costs.
You get a free domain, free hosting and a dedicated system administrator to support it.
You will save on a set of small improvements, which, as a rule, arise after the launch of the site and usually are paid per hour.
What garantees do we offer?
We GUARANTEE the development and publication of your site on the Internet up to the specified time, fixed in the Terms of Reference, otherwise we will refund your money.
During the entire program period we GUARANTEE  the high availability of your site and control over it 24/7.
SEO optimization
We do not guarantee the rapid promotion of your site on the TOP-10 positions (do not trust those who promise it). Our high-quality SEO optimization GUARANTEES the building of a stable platform for the long-term successful operation of your website.
Questions and Answers
If you still have doubts, we will help you:
How quality is your SEO-promotion?
Our SEO-promotion is focused on the result, so we use a range of measures to improve positions in both the short and long term for our projects.
Namely, we conduct a technical audit, then develop the site structure, internal and external optimization, fill your project with quality high-grade content and provide a monthly report on the work done.
"Free website" will be more expensive than standatd development
Everyone who has ever been involved in the creation and promotion of a commercial site, knows that first you need to order development / improvement from developers. Then, for a long time, you need to sponsor SEO-promotion and to solve simultaneously the problems of internal and external website optimization, to order small improvements and to solve the problems of placing the site on a hosting with domains, certificates and other headaches. “Free site” is a complex of services that solves all of the above mentioned issues at once. All work or services that are paid separately, will always be clearly more expensive than one balanced and comprehensive solution.
I am afraid in the future it would be cumbersome for me to administer a site based on your framework and I will need to contact the developers for every minor change .
No, you won't need. Our platform provides ONLINE editing of 100% site content. 
Moreover, all the models of site data can be edited in the administrative part, that allows you to adapt the site to any conditions and tasks flexibly.
Mostly, you will need site developers only to create HTML markup and CSS page layouts, but content management is fully available for you in the administrative part of the site.
As a part of the program, we will train your employees in website content management.
Why are you sure in the quality of the site and guarantee its launch date?
We are ready to develop sites of any complexity - from simple to the most complex. To do this, we have developed a whole software and hardware platform for the rapid development of sites, with maximum flexibility and convenience for the developer, as well as great opportunities for the site owner. It allows us to minimize our efforts and to maximize the achievement of results.
In addition, you will never have a situation that the site' CMS does not allow you to expand the capabilities of the site for the required task and you have to redo everything all over again. Website based on our platform you can optimize and expand without restrictions.
And if I do not want an agreement for 1 year? 3 months are quite enough for me.
Our target is to create a high-quality website for you, to optimize it in the best way and to promote it in the search results to the maximum possible positions, so that at the end of the program you have a full-fledged debugged tool that solves problems for your business.
It takes time to achieve this goal - and it applies both to SEO-optimization and directly to the development / refinement of the website. Our experience suggests that an optimal result can be achieved within approximately one year of productive work on the website and its promotion.
Shorter periods reduce the probability of getting a quality result. Therefore, the recommended minimal duration of this program is 1 year.
And what if I can’t pay for the program monthly
The standard term of the “Website for Free” program is 1 year. Thanks to a fixed monthly cost, you have the opportunity to plan your budget for one year in advance. If unexpected difficulties suddenly arise, the program may be suspended, but not earlier than 6 months since its beginning.
We will fix the remaining term of the program and resume it at once the monthly payments are renew.
What will happen after the program ends
  • We close the contract and transfer to you all the rights on the created site and any materials connected with it.
  • We will offer you further site hosting on our platform, or transfer it to any hosting platform you point on*.
  • We will be ready to accept from you and fulfill any subsequent modifications or optimization of the site as usual.
* core compatible hosting or virtual (dedicated) server on Linux platform requires
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How much does Website for Free cost?

Each project is individual. The cost of comprehensive solution for its development and promotion depends on many factors: the presence of certain functional blocks of the site, the number of pages, the size of the semantic core, and many others..

That is why, at the first step, before signing the contracts, we:

  • prepare Basic Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • perform a comprehensive assessment of the project in all directs
  • form a balanced and attractive cost of fixed monthly payments.

Such payments will allow you not to spend much costs immediately at the first stage, and we will be able to plan our long-term work and release the working version of the site in the shortest time.

Try and be sure